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Pneumatic vacuum conveying

Pneumatic vacuum conveying

ATEX and explosion protection for pneumatic vacuum conveying of powders and bulk materials.

In recent years, the requirements for the transportation of solids have increased significantly. Especially when used in EX areas.

Since mechanical conveying systems often reach their limits here and can represent an ignition source in various ways, the focus is on pneumatic conveyor systems.

The so-called vacuum conveying system, offers particular advantages here. The free from ignition source design and construction allows the use with dusts with very low minimum ignition energies (MIE).

A low conveying speed is achieved by the plug conveying. Based on the ignition source-free design, simple additional features also enable use in the gas EX area.

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Conveying bagged goods with lumps

Conveying bagged goods with lumps.

Sometimes after long periods in storage, or due to the nature of the product, agglomerates can occur in bags and other storage containers. These can lead to blockages in the suction line during conveying or with negative influences in the downstream processes, because, for example, products can no longer be efficiently mixed.

For this reason the VOLKMANN lump breaker was developed. This can be mounted directly by a flange, for example under the RNT 180 (rip and tip sack loading station), and breaks down bigger agglomerates before being conveyed.

Installation under a big bag emptying station is also possible. Due to its design, the lump breaker is easy to clean and, due to our type model examination, it can also be used in dust and gas ex-zones.

The RNT180 has a buffer volume of approx. 180 liters and can be expanded to up to 400 litres, if required. In addition, the station can be used with sensors, various emptying aids or as a weighed version.

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Gas EX zone

Gas EX zone

Loading of powders in gas EX zones.

INEX vacuum conveyors make it possible to transport bulk materials easily and safely within process plants for loading in to various vessels including stirred tanks or reactors. They enable powder transfer to all dust and gas explosion zones.

In this case, aluminum powder for the coating of metal parts was loaded into a reactor with flammable solvents, with an internal ATEX atmosphere classified at zone 0.

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