Feed bagged goods in the process

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Feed bagged goods in the process

Feed bagged goods in the process

Feed large quantities of bagged goods in to the process.

There are many processes in which bulk products need to be introduced in large quantities from sacks and bags. For example, in to a mixer or stirred tank, this is often the case in the food or chemical industries.

RNT 180 with lumpbreaker and conveyor belt

The sacks are loaded on to the conveyor belt which transports these to the loading station activated by a foot switch, where the sacks are then opened and emptied. A waste chute makes it possible to dispose of the empty bags laterally into a waste bag compactor.

To help reduce the dust inside while loading there is the option to either connect the product loading station up to a local extraction system or to have a dedicated vacuum conveyor for dust removal.

lump breaker

If the product tends to form lumps during storage, a lump breaker can be connected under the feed hopper. This crushes lumps up to about fist-sized lumps.

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Volkmann Empty Sack Compactor

Volkmann Empty Sack Compactor

Volkmann emptying station for bagged goods

  • with partly automated container feeding and dust extraction
  • optimised for the use with vacuum conveyors
  • NEW: Now also with empty sack compactor

The dust-free handling of solids is nowadays more than ever in the focus when processing bulk materials. Occupational safety and hygiene requirements must be observed, explosion protection according to ATEX must be adhered to. Volkmann solutions offer safety in the handling of bulk materials. The range of the RNT product loading stations for bagged goods was supplemented by an empty sack compactor which includes a dust free connection to the product loading station and shares its integrated dust extraction.

The emptied containers/sacks are collected in foil and mechanically compacted. Depending on the container size, the collection volume of the empty sack compactor is sufficient for ca. 40 – 100 units. The product loading station and empty sack compactor are entirely made of stainless steel and are completely manufactured in our company. We happily make custom systems. Volkmann develops imaginative solutions for the handling of various bulk materials for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

  • Vacuum conveyors: Designs according to industry, hygiene and pharmaceutical/eGMP standards
  • Product loading stations for sacks, big bags, drums, IBCs
  • Weighing and dosing systems for bulk material handling
  • Stationary and mobile lifting columns for vacuum conveyors
  • Consulting, planning and manufacturing from a single source
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