Feed bagged goods in the process

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Feed bagged goods in the process

Feed bagged goods in the process

Feed large quantities of bagged goods in to the process.

There are many processes in which bulk products need to be introduced in large quantities from sacks and bags. For example, in to a mixer or stirred tank, this is often the case in the food or chemical industries.

RNT 180 with lumpbreaker and conveyor belt

The sacks are loaded on to the conveyor belt which transports these to the loading station activated by a foot switch, where the sacks are then opened and emptied. A waste chute makes it possible to dispose of the empty bags laterally into a waste bag compactor.

To help reduce the dust inside while loading there is the option to either connect the product loading station up to a local extraction system or to have a dedicated vacuum conveyor for dust removal.

lump breaker

If the product tends to form lumps during storage, a lump breaker can be connected under the feed hopper. This crushes lumps up to about fist-sized lumps.

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PPC 200 INEX chemistry

PPC 200 INEX chemistry

INEX conveyor with HALAR coating.

A powdery intermediate product from the chemical industry is to be removed from a container – still wet from the centrifuge manufacturing process- and conveyed into a dryer.
The container is on the third floor, the dryer is on the second floor. The customer required a safe and reliable conveying system for the transfer, as the mix of materials are difficult to handle and reactive.

The product from the centrifuge is still wet (wet cake) and contains, among other things, dichloromethane and toluene. Because of this, all parts in contact with the product have been provided with a conductive coating (HALAR). In addition all parts who comes into contact with the gas-air mixture has been coated to prevent the surfaces from corroding.

The Multijector vacuum pump was also made entirely of PVC.

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On the high seas

On the high seas

Volkmann on the high seas.

Applications for the transport of powders and bulk materials with vacuum conveyors can be found not only in all known industries, but also in other locations around the world. The conveying often takes place inside buildings and production rooms, but Volkmann vacuum conveyors also work perfectly outside as well.

In addition to filling silos and conveying animal feed additives on fish farms, vacuum conveyors can even be found on ships which are used offshore for the generation of energy. Powdery additives are required during operation and these are delivered in bags which must therefore be emptied and then conveyed by vacuum.

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