Pump for Oil and Grease

Small size standardised models help to keep your production areas dry and clean. Use our Liquid-Conveyors for the easy and reliable suction and disposal of various liquids like oil or emulsion and even greasy substances. Our units can filter the liquids directly into collector tanks, bags, barrels, and production machines. Even metal chips from milling can be conveyed and won’t cause wear to our units.
Pumps for Oil and Grease
Pumps for Oil and Grease

Standard applications:
  • Suction of cutting/machining liquids (such as oil and emulsion) directly from bottom-collector plates below production machines, with integrated filter for 100% liquid re-cycling.
  • Conveying and recycling of test fuels on engine test stands.
  • Conveying of Oil, Gas and Kerosine from floors inside production and maintenance areas. Suction of these substances is also possible from water-surfaces in case of accidents
  • Cleaning, suction, and collection of greases during the maintenance of bearing elements.
Liquid Suction hights up to 9 m (depending on density and viscosity). Capacity 0,1 – 200 m3/h.
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