Drum Discharge Systems

Produktaufgabestation Fassentlehrung
fig.: drum discharge system
Produktaufgabestation Fassentlehrung
fig.: drum discharge system
Volkmann systems for discharging bulk material from drums either work by tilting and emptying the barrels into a pick-up hopper or by an automatic guided suction lance. Feeding with a lance may alternatively be performed manually. Special secondary/feeding air entrainment allows the system to take material from barrels with liners or directly from sacks. Our systems provide an extremely gentle material transport from the barrel and works successfully with sensitive and easy to damage delicate tablets.
The system monitors and regulates the suction air flow to avoid excess pressure action on sensitive bulk goods, which can occur with tipping systems. These designs allow for the discharge of material from drums with liners under full containment to work in a closed system under controlled environmental conditions.
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