PowTReX: powder transfer, recovery and extraction system

The PowTReX series enables the efficient reprocessing of build excess metal powder for applications in Metal AM. The integrated vacuum conveyor handles the feeding of the powder - e.g. directly from the build frame of the 3D printer. The recovered powder can be filled into bottles or containers or conveyed by pipe to downstream machines.

  • PowTReX (right) next to an EOS M 290 printer
    [courtesy: GKN Additive]

  • Manual unpacking after 3D printing: aspiration into a PowTReX for reprocessing the excess powder
    [courtesy: GKN Additive]

  • Manual unpacking after 3D printing: aspiration into a PowTReX for reprocessing the excess powder
    [courtesy: GKN Additive]

  • Sieving of metal powder with an ultrasonic excited sieve (interior view of the PowTReX)

  • View into the PowTReX (lower half) with a connected powder container

  • Powder handling for large 3D printers: PowTReX and powder buffer in the closed powder loop with an AMCM M 4K

  • PowTReX basic

Handling the metal powder in a closed system provides a high level of protection for personnel. The PowTReX systems are ATEX certified and therefore also suitable for metal powders with dust-explosive risks.

The PowTReX family includes two series or performance classes: the PowTReX and the PowTReX basic. In addition, we can also offer customized solutions for special requirements.

PowTReX enables powder reprocessing at a high throughput, and is therefore also suitable for 3D printers with large build volumes, as well as  for multi-machine arrangements.

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PowTReX basic offers the essential functions for the reprocessing of metal powders. The performance is designed for small to medium 3D printers. The prepared powder can be filled, for example, into an EOS bottle, SLM bottle or similar containers from other manufacturers.

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PowTReX in a customized design

In the event that your requirements are not covered by any of our standard PowTReX systems, we can also build customized special designs to suit individual requirements.

How the PowTReX systems function

The metal powder is conveyed into the PowTReX through a hose or pipe by vacuum conveying. There are numerous possible setups:

  • draw the powder out of the build frame of an opened 3D printer by a suction lance
  • aspirate the powder by suction lance inside a closed glove box or a depowdering station
  • pull in the powder from a container or bottle by suction lance
  • draw the powder from an IBC container
  • draw the powder from a buffer container (e.g. vHub 250)

The length of the conveying pipe can be up to 25 meters and can also accommodate height differences. The high conveying capacity allows on the one hand the buffer hopper in the PowTReX to be filled quickly and at the same time the discharge point is quickly available again for subsequent tasks.

Within the PowTReX, oversized particles, composites and foreign bodies are separated by a sieve. Stimulated by an ultrasonic generator, high throughputs are achieved. In addition, sensors continuously measure the loading of the sieve with powder. The material supply from the buffer hopper is controlled accordingly ensuring the sieve screen is always optimally loaded with powder. The particles and other foreign bodies separated during sieving are collected in a bin.

Fig. Sieving of metal powder

Powtrex basic
suitability for automated
closed powder loop:
Stainless steel powder: ca. 600 kg/h
Aluminum powder: ca. 300 kg/h
Stainless steel powder: ca. 150 kg/h
Aluminum powder: ca. 75 kg/h
vacuum conveyor:
integrated conveyor
integrated conveyor
vacuum pump:
Multijector, alternatively electric rotary claw pump
conveying capacity:
up to 1,000 kg/h (stainless steel powder)
up to 750 kg/h (stainless steel powder)
variants of the material supply:
· manual suction from an open 3D printer
· manual suction from a bottle or container
· direct conveying pipe from a depowdering station or glovebox
· manual suction from an open 3D printer
· manual suction from a bottle or container
volume of the integrated buffer tank (material feed):
gross volume: 32 L
usable capacity: 27 L
gross volume: 25 L
usable capacity: 20 L
simultaneous filling and sieving:
Material discharge:
· into bottles or containers
· with weighing of the processed powder
· fixed pipe to downstream station
(with a buffer container inside PowTReX)


operation under inert gas:
optional (variant PowTReXi)
operator interface:
touch panel with visualization
selector switch
connectivity for a distributed control system (DCS):
signals 24 DC,
OPC-UA optional


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