Products & Solutions

Vacuum conveyor systems are proven all-rounders for clean and safe bulk material handling. Powder, dust, granulates and small parts can also be conveyed over longer distances.

Product Loading Stations: From a sack, pack, big bag, or container: the right product feeding station enables clean emptying and feeding into a conveyor system.

Weighing and Dosing Systems: By means of load cells, vacuum conveyors can be filled precisely, and emptying from containers can be controlled accurately. Dosing chutes enable a continuous flow of material.

Hoists for Vacuum Conveyors: A lifting column can be used to efficiently dock and undock vacuum conveyors on machines and containers. In addition to stationary lifting and swivel columns, mobile lifting columns are also available.

Additive Manufacturing / 3D-Printing: Systems for handling metal powders in the pre- and post-processing of 3D printing, for unpacking the build frame and build job, and for recycling the used metal powder.

MULTIJECTOR® Vacuum Pumps: Small, but powerful! Due to numerous advantages, these pumps have found a permanent place in many industrial applications.

Customised systems and solutions: Tailor-made systems for the optimal solution of your task - whether as an adaptation of our standard programme or as a completely new design.

Lump Breakers: Product feed stations can be equipped with a lump breaker to break up agglomerates, lumps and clumps in the material being conveyed.

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