Vacuum Conveyors

VOLKMANN’s Vacuum Conveyors transport numerous granulated bulk materials, small parts, powder and pigments under vacuum in lean and dense phase through hoses and pipes.

They are easy to install and quite simple to operate. Working with negative pressure below atmospheric conditions, they help to keep the production environment clean and prevent spill of material.

Due to constant improvement in technology, avoidence of explosion risks by design and a focus on good working sanitary solutions, Vacuum Conveyors today are a preferred choice in many industries: They are capable to transfer nano-sized material and fine dust with only 0,1 µm up to bigger sized tablets, candy or bottle caps. They are good for highly abrasive powders, mixtures, light filling materials like fumed silica with only  0,05 kg/l bulk density, but work as well with metal powders with a bulk density of 10 kg/l.


Make all powder handling in production processes safe and reliable, make the work of your production staff easier and improve the conditions at the workplace: Choose Vacuum Conveying systems from VOLKMANN.

Aufgabe und Abgabesysteme beim Vakuumförderer

  • user friendly systems with safe material transfer
  • easy material aspiration and dust-free loading of machines
  • gentle dense phase conveying, no segregation of material mixtures
  • optimum hygiene conditions
  • reliable filter systems in GMP quality
  • simple to install and to operate
  • low energy consumption
  • favorable investment- and operating costs

Our different modular families of Vacuum Conveyors for the Chemical-, Pharma- and Food-Industry allow customized modifications of all conveyors regarding the individual application. Even critical materials can be conveyed safely and adapted conveyors can be used for hazardous applications like inside explosion areas or with highly toxic materials.

The modular design allows quick delivery times for complete conveyors (1-2 weeks for Food-/Chemical-Conveyors, 3-4 weeks for Pharma Conveyors, 4-8 weeks for highly customized systems).

Typical conveying capacities: 100 kg/h up to 3.5 t/h (max. 12 t/h)

Typical conveying distance: 15 m far and 10 m high (max realized 100 m far + 40 m height)

We offer conveying trials and demonstrations on-site or in our test facility. Along, we analyze your material handling task and the special needs to convey your products inside the local production environment. We want you to be sure, that the required capacity is reached, that your product is not affected in an unacceptable way by the transportation, and convince you of the stability of the vacuum conveying process provided by Volkmann Conveyors.

How Vacuum Conveyors Work

Vacuum conveyors transport powder, dust, pigments, granulated material, tablets, capsules, small parts etc. in a suction air stream under vacuum through hoses or pipes. They are easy to install and to operate. Even if leakages occur, no product can get into the environment because of the vacuum.

So funktioniert der Vakuumförderer

  1. The vacuum pump (1) generates a vacuum in the Vacuum Conveyor’s separator tank. Air rushes in through the hose/pipe and the suction inlet (2) from the feeding point (A). The bulk material is aspirated and then carried in this air stream.
  2. Due to the special designed separator tank, the velocity is reduced and the material is collected gently above the vacuum conveyor’s discharge valve. Inside the separator tank a filter module (3) separates airborne dust and product from the conveying air. The transported material is kept and collected in the separator. With fine dust a cyclone element inserted into the separator provides higher transportation capacities because of a lower load of the filter elements.
  3. When the separator is filled with product, the vacuum pump switches off, inside of the vacuum conveyor the pressure is balanced to surrounding area within tenths of a second. The separated material discharges from the vacuum conveyor through the discharge element and falls directly into the unit or tank to be loaded (B).
  4. Along with the discharging the filter module is cleaned automatically by an air shock system. The occasional filter cake is released from the filter unit. Volkmann offers piston vibrators and fluidizing units to improve the discharging for sticky or highly bridging bulk materials.
  5. After unloading the product the discharge element closes and the whole conveying cycle starts again.

A) Material loading position – All materials can be aspirated directly out of/from production- and process machines, bins, bags, containers etc.
B) Vacuum Conveyor
C)Material discharging position – The transported material is loaded in cycles from the top into bin or process machine, e.g. into blenders, presses, bins, filling- and packaging machines etc.

VS Vacuum Conveyors

VS-VakuumfördererVacuum Conveyors VS Series: Versatile for safe and hygienic powder handling. The VS Series is used in various industries for the transfer of powder, dust, granulated material and small pieces.

Vacuum Conveyors of the VS Series are

  • compact
  • lightweight
  • easy to install and operate
  • quick and simple assembly/disassembly by hand without tools
  • safe and reliable
  • hygienic and easy to clean

VS Vacuum Conveyors are available with conveying rates from 100 up to 10.000 kg/h.

Advantages of Volkmann VS Vacuum Conveyors

  • hygienic design of all components
  • State of the art Filter technology
  • no compacting of the powder within the conveyor
  • easy product discharging, full bore opening
  • purely pneumatic powered systems with failsafe controls
  • electrical Vacuum Pumps upon request
  • valves, fittingss, instruments, controls according to your instructions

Their unique modular design allows perfect configuration according to the specific demands of the conveying application. We configure VS Conveyors to give the highes benefit for the production process and assist in finding the best suitable solution for the application on the basis of know-how, our product database or custom tests with the particular material.

All new VS Conveyors are ATEX certified in accordance with directive 94/9/EG for the installation inside Zones 1, 2, 21, and 22. EC-type examination certificate No. TÜV 02 ATEX 7005 X. For safe operation special terms/conditions apply. [Ex] II 1 D c 80°C / II 2 GD 100°C (T4)

PPC Pharma Vacuum Conveyors

PPC Pharma-VakuumfördererPPC Pharma Vacuum Conveyors from Volkmann were especially developed for all applications requiring top quality materials, surfaces and characteristics of all parts in contact with the conveyed materials. They are mainly used inside Pharmaceutical and Color/Lacquer industries because of their separator elements being built in a one-piece design; an optimum for such applications with frequent product changes requiring a quick reliable absolute cleaning of the Process machinery to prevent contamination of products. PPCs superior manufacturing quality and their gap-free design fulfils highest quality demands. Nevertheless, units are easily dismantled without tools, can be cleaned quickly and can be sterilized.

The desing of PPC Conveyors is completely electrical conductive, free of gaps, without any inaccessible spaces where the product might remain. PPC Conveyors are fitted with a large butterfly valve at the discharge. This too can be easily dismantled without tools.

PPC Vacuum Conveyors are offered as pre-configured units regarding the individual application. Customers choose from a variety of Pharma or electrical conductive filter systems (e.g. for hazardous inflammable materials). Special coatings, clamp modules, valve assemblies, WIP/CIP systems are available upon your request.

INEX Vacuum Conveyors

Vacuum Conveyors with Inerting function: Volkmann INEX.

INEX VakuumfördererVolkmann INEX Vacuum Conveyors provide secue feeding of solids into critical areas, particular for Chemical and Pharma Industry, e.g. for powder transfer into reactors and stirring vessels. INEX systems can be used inside all gas and dust explosion zones.

Initially material is sucked into the separator of the INEX system. Before the material is released, the transportation line is closed and the INEX is set under vacuum. Then, the material inside the INEX is fluidized with inert gas (e.g. Nitrogene) from the bottom and then released through the systems discharge valve. The concentration of Oxigen during discharge typically is below 7% or limited to such a value not compromizing the inerting of the system to be fed.

For the conveying of hybride mixtures, e.g. the transfer of powders containing solvents, the entire vacuum transportation process with an INEX Vacuum Conveying system takes place under inert atmosphere.

Volkmann INEX Vacuum Conveyors for hazardous applications and Explosion Zones

  • free of ignition sources
  • operate completely pneumatic without electricity
  •  completely electrical conductive design
  •  small interior filling volumes
  • low transportation speeds
  • no heat produces
  • no hot surfaces
  • no rotary parts
  • easy to control and to operate.

Volkmann provides profound expertise and support for all hazardous applications. All systems have been designed for the specific demands of hazardous applications.

All new VOLKMANN Vacuum Conveyors INEX-VS, INEX-PPC and INEX-“pressure rated” Series are ATEX certified in accordance with directive 94/9/EG for the installation inside Zones 0, 1, 2, 21, and 22. EC-type examination certificate No. TÜV 03 ATEX 7017 X. For safe operation special terms/conditions apply. [Ex] II (1) G D (discharging)/ II (1) D (2) G (inlet) II 2 G D c TX

Vacuum Conveyors for Tablets

TablettenfördererThe transfer of tablets is more than providing a certain throughput. Quality aspects stand in the foreground. Mechanical damage, chipping, scratches, wear, coloring etc. have to be avoided.

Tablet Conveyors from Volkmann offer damage-free transport for many different and sensitive tablets and other small parts. Tablets are either picked up from containers, or directly from the tablet presses, load containers and filling (or packaging) machines without generating dust.  They are easy and flexible to install offering a reliable and safe automatic material supply, even with applications having limited headroom.

In Volkmann Tablet Conveyors all contact sufaces are wear-free and are either made from glass or coated with FDA approved shock absorbing materials.  Additionally, some smart ideas realized inside the conveyors, allow the reliable and mostly gentle transport of highly sensible materials.

We supply individually customized Vacuum Conveying systems and complete Vacuum Transfer solutions, e.g. for the conveying and dosing of mostly all raw materials and APIs. Talk to us and use our experience in the chemical and pharmaceutical bulk materials handling.

Continuous Vacuum Conveyors CC

CC Vacuum Conveyors provide continuous aspiration and material flow, both at the material pickup and the dischage point.

Inside the Vacuum Conveyor a Volkmann vacuum pump/filter combination is operating continuously for constant aspiration and vacuum transport. Single pump/filter combinations are switched off sequentially for filter cleaning while the others are running. The vacuum flow and so the material aspiration and transport is kept up running.

The CC separator is equiped with a Volkmann designed and produced rotary valve (ATEX approved). The transported material can be conveyed, then separated and discharged from the separator/conveyor with almost no delay due to the ingenious design of the CC Vacuum Conveyor and its airflow. The amount of remaining material is limited, with adhesive material a pneumatic piston vibrator is used for further reduction of material which might accumulate on surfaces inside the separator.

The CC Conveyor and all of its parts including the rotary valve can be dismantled easily by hand. All parts with product contact are in hygienic desing and easy to clean (all stainless steel 316L or FDA-approved materials).

Separator diameters of CC Vacuum Conveyors available from 200 up to 350 mm, with rotary valves diam. 100 or 150 mm. Conveying rate 1 – 500 kg/h.

Pressure Resistant And Shock-Proof Vacuum Conveyors

Druckfester Förderer-beWith these Vacuum Conveyors, materials can be transferred directly into areas with positive pressure above atmosphere (e.g. directly into chemical reactors, permissible pressure range -1 to +6 bar or -1 to +10 bar). Versions available according pressure-equipment-directive 97/23/EG with standard flanges diameter 150, 200, 250 and 300 mm.

Besides the material transfer application and the resulting demands, the explosion prevention concept chosen by the customer and individual customer safety guidelines can make such pressure resistant and/or pressure-shock proof Vacuum Conveyor designs necessary.

Pressure resistant Vacuum Conveyors from Volkmann can be operated like “standard” Vacuum Conveyors and run with compressed air, aspirating filtered air from the material pickup point. Optionally, the pressure resistant Conveyors are available in Volkmann’s INEX design with inertization of the separator and material lower the content of remaining Oxygen inside the separator before releasing the transported material into the process or machine to be fed.

Pressure resitant Vacuum Conveyors from Volkmann meet your safety requirements in every respect and offer you safety for bulk material handling.

Vacuum Conveyors For Liquids

Volkmann Vacuum Conveyors of the VS and PPC series can be used to transfer liquids with only little modifications.  A float valve is used to protect the Vacuum Conveyor and its pump from overfilling.


  • Conveying of fruit and vegetables under water to prevent oxydation (change of color etc.)
  • Unloading filter media, granulated material, charcoal etc. from filter tanks
  • Pickup and transport of wet filtration cake
  • Remove sediment from lubricant pump pits


Powder locks, double flap locks, pressure resistant and shock resistant vacuum conveyors

Double flap locks

Powder locks and/or double flap locks ensure that when filling containers, there is no direct contact between the container interiors of the unit to be charged and the surrounding environment. They also prevent hazardous substances from escaping.


VOLKMANN powder locks can be easily inerted so that no unwanted atmosphere(oxygen) passes from the lock into the receiving vessel. Through the lock, it is also possible to avoid carrying unwanted receiving vessel gases back through to the conveying process The special feature of VOLKMANN powder locks is the fact that they can be directly combined question – combined with what?.

Pumps For Oil And Grease

Small zize standardized models help you to keep your production areas dry and clean. Use our Liquid-Conveyors for the easy and reliable suction and disposal of various liquids like oil or emultion and even greasy substances. Our units can filter the liquids and bring the liquid substances directly into Collector tanks, bags, barrels and production machines.

Even metal chips from milling can be aspirated and don’t cause wear to our units

Standard applications:


    • Suction of cutting/machining liquids (such as oil and emulsion) directly from bottom-collector plates below production machines, with integrated filter for 100% liquid re-cycling.
    • Aspiration and recycling of test fuels on egine test stands.
    • Aspiration of Oil, Gas and Kerosine from floors inside production and maintenance areas. Suction of such substances also from water-surfaces in case of accidents.
    • Cleaning, suction, collection and collection of greases during the maintenance of bearing elements.

Liquid Suction hights up to 9 m (depending on density and viscosity) Capacity 0,1 – 200 m3/h


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