Product Loading Stations

Volkmann offers a comprehensive range of Product Feeding Stations, optimized for dust-free operation in conjunction with vacuum conveyors:

  • Bag feeding stations
  • Big bag unloading stations
  • Drum emptying systems
  • Material unloading from drums and bags under high containment conditions OEB 4 and OEB 5
  • Customized hoppers, material receivers, collectors, sending stations and docking systems


Discharge products such as powder, dust and granulated material directly from barrels, drums, bags, special bins and containers, even with plastic liners. Combine our units with process control systems and integrate remote controls or monitoring systems. All levels, alarms and error messages as well as other required information can be transmitted by an interface for evaluation and monitoring.

Ask us for our solutions on how to pick up and convey the materials within your production process, e.g. for emptying bags and special bins, Big-Bags, Silos etc. Utilize Volkmann’s experience in powder handling.

Your Benefits:

  • Dust-free material handling
  • Product aspiration and loading with full control
  • Avoid the difficult manual handling of all sorts of bulk materials packed in drums/containers
  • Reduce health risks in the workplace
  • Protect the environment from hazardous materials
  • Increase the quality of your final products and the working environment

Bag Rip-And-Tip Dump Stations

Volkmann offers an extensive range of product loading stations and and Rip-and-Tip/dump stations for bagged materials. Systems with different filling volume available, from mini (30 liters) to maxi (> 500 liter buffer).

All stations are designed and manufactured by Volkmann in Germany, all parts with product contact are made of stainless steel 316L (1.4404).

The stations are available with different functional modules:

  • Trays for easy bag handling
  • Grille above buffer to place and empty bags
  • Optional screen to prevent contamination with bigger material pieces (e.g. protection against paper or plastic pieces cut off openin the bag)
  • Dusthood with door to close system
  • Integrated aspiration, filtration and dust recovery system
  • Filling volume extension
  • Material agitators and fluidizers
  • Material lump breakers and de-agglomerizer

Systems can run under nitrogene, if required for quality or safety reasons upon request.

Big-Bag Unloading Station

Our modular Big-Bag Unloading Station BBUone is optimized for dust-free operation together with Vacuum Conveyors. It can be used for all sorts of materials and can be customized to make poor flowing materials come out of the big bag and bring them into all sorts of process areas without any contamination of product or surrounding.

Customization can be done easily to fulfill all local demand and application requirements.

  • for Big-Bags up to 2,000 kg
  • loading by fork lift or with integrated crane and hoist
  • dust-free connection and emptying of Big-Bags
  • dust aspiration during change of Big-Bag
  • Optional lump breaker and extra agitator
  • combined systems with Bag Rip-and-Tip Station available

Containment Material Unloading Station RNT-CON

High quality, high potency powders and fines require dust-free material handling. Volkmann’s contained Rip-and-Tip dump station allows the opening and discharging of materials from bags, boxes and small containers completely dust and contamination free. Critial powder handling processes, in the ever more demanding processing environment, therefore become safe. The modular design of the product feeding station, RNT-CON, enables a flexible design with various functional units and options. Bags or containers are fed semi automatically into the isolator via a roller conveyor (loading through containment gate optional). They enter a dust lock section and subsequent negative pressure unloading chamber. Inside the glove box isolator, they are opened manually and discharged into the feeding hopper for transfer by the vacuum conveyor. Optional Lump breakers/crushers and material agitators are available. If required, the closed station can be flushed from within using a hand washing gun or WIP/CIP.

  • Flushing connection with washing-gun or spray balls
  • Continuous Multijector de-dusting and filtration, optional prepared for on-site aspiration
  • Door lock, operated by foot pedal
  • Inlet tunnel, optional built as a lock with separate aspiration
  • Dust protection, optional second pneumatic door lock
  • Roller Conveyor for bags, optional with bag separation, optional with vacuum lifting hoist and extended buffer zone
  • Material discharge with lump breaker, with connection for vacuum conveying
  • Modular connection to bring out the emptied bags, either with bag compactor, endless liner etc.

Drum Discharge Systems

t019_produktaufgabestation_fassentlehrungVolkmann systems for discharging bulk material from drums either work by tilting and emptying the barrels into a material sending station or by an automatic guided suction lance. Feeding the lance may alternatively be performed manually. Special secondary/feeding air systems allows to take material from barrels with liners or directly from sacks. Our systems provide an extremely gentle material transport from the barrel and is working successfully with sensitive and easy to damage tablets.

The system monitors and regulates the suction air flow to avoid greater pressure on sensitive bulk goods, which can occur with tilting systems. The systems allows to discharge material from drums with liners under full containment to work in a closed system under controlled environmental conditions.

IBC Docking And Discharge Stations

produktaufgabestation_vs-andockelementVolkmann docking and discharge stations provide a dust-free and quickly connectable joint between frequently exchanged IBCs and other process equipment:

  • docking of IBCs at filling and discharging stations
  • docking of Vacuum Conveyors safely and dust-free with mobile hoists directly on top of filling machines, tablet presses etc.

Ask us about possible solutions and ideas for your material transfer application.

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