Intelligent Compact Control for Vacuum Conveyors

Volkmann GmbH, May 27, 2016

With the new ET-Advanced, Volkmann provides the users of vacuum conveyors with a modern and intelligent electropneumatic compact control. The control ensures the smooth operation of the vacuum conveying system and evaluates thereby up to four incoming signals from level sensors and one local start signal.

Intelligent Compact Control for Vacuum Conveyors
Intelligente Kompaktsteuerung für Vakuumförderer

Operating mode 1: Automatic suction cycle, determination of the filling level in the vacuum conveyor, adjustment of the suction time no longer necessary
Operating mode 2: Monitoring of receiving container, automatic operation of the vacuum conveyor, feeding of material into receiving vessel with min or min-max sensors.
Operating mode 3: Monitoring of collection point

Adjustable times are:

  • Discharging time vacuum pump start delay
  • Suction time
  • Pipe emptying time (pipe emptying valve in conveyor suction line)
  • Delay of filter cleaning pulse
  • Discharging valve adjustable with NO/NC

Volkmann develops imaginative solutions for the handling of various bulk materials for the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

  • Vacuum conveyors: Designs according to industry, hygiene and pharmaceutical/eGMP standards
  • Product loading stations for sacks, big bags, drums, IBCs
  • Weighing and dosing systems for bulk material handling
  • Stationary and mobile lifting columns for vacuum conveyors
  • Consulting, planning and manufacturing from a single source
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