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The most energy-saving conveying medium is and remains gravity. Our application engineers know this too. So if an application requires that powders and bulk materials are not conveyed horizontally or vertically upwards, this solution can be used.

In this case, the Volkmann container is integrated into an existing vertical product flow with the added value of batch-precise weighing and dosing.

The container is filled from above by gravity from a silo. By actuating the discharge valve, the dosing chute (IE vibratory chute) below is filled as required. The entire unit is weighed gravimetrically and the current filling weight is determined by the difference to the empty system weight. The dosing chute continuously transfers the material in the desired quantity to the process downstream. So there are times when a vacuum conveyor is not required 😊.

In the example shown, 20 to 45 kg/h of lactose is continuously and adjustably dosed. A second, identically designed unit additionally feeds 1 to 8 kg/h of fumed silica (Aerosil) into the process. The whole installation was qualified within the scope of an IQ/OQ. Other sizes, throughputs and bulk materials can of course also be catered for.

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