Our videos

Our videos give a good insight into the areas of application of our vacuum conveying systems.

3D-Druck / Additive Manufacturing

PowTReX: Conveying and sieving of metal powder

This is how breadcrumbs get to the fish

VS 250 vacuum conveyor + mini hopper for emptying big bags

Conveying of seeds

VS 250 vacuum conveyor

Conveying of additives in the food sector

VS 350 vacuum conveyor + RNT 180 product feeding station


VS 250 vacuum conveyor + VT 50 suction lance

Gentle conveying of mushrooms under water.

Floating in water, some foods can be handled very gently. Vacuum conveying is also suitable for such applications.

Lump breaker in action

Feeding station RNT 180 + lump breaker
Agglomerates and lumps are broken up
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