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Our videos give a good insight into the areas of application of our vacuum conveying systems.

Powder handling and conveying:

This is how breadcrumbs get to the fish

VS 250 vacuum conveyor + mini hopper for emptying big bags

Conveying of seeds

VS 250 vacuum conveyor

Conveying of additives in the food sector

VS 350 vacuum conveyor + RNT 180 product feeding station


VS 250 vacuum conveyor + VT 50 suction lance

Gentle conveying of mushrooms under water.

Floating in water, some foods can be handled very gently. Vacuum conveying is also suitable for such applications.

Lump breaker in action

Feeding station RNT 180 + lump breaker
Agglomerates and lumps are broken up

Powder and bulk material transport under ATEX and explosion protection considerations

POWTECH virtual talks Volume 5.0 | Topic 4 (09. Febr. 2021).
Referent: Thomas Ramme - Volkmann GmbH

Additive Manufacturing with Metal Powders:

DPS – Fully automated Depowdering of Metal AM Print Jobs

For the automatic unpacking and complete depowdering of build jobs after 3D printing a depowdering station was developed by VOLKMANN as part of the IDAM research project. At GKN Additive and BMW AG, these depowdering stations were tested in full scale prototype production lines.

PowTReX – Powder Handling and Reprocessing for Metal AM

For the recycling of used metal powder after the 3D printing process, the PowTReX (Powder Transfer, Recovery and eXtraction) system has proven itself with numerous installations. It meets high quality requirements and is therefore also used in the aerospace, automotive and medical technology industries.

Fully automated post-production in Metal AM – the IDAM research project

Take a closer look at the IDAM research project – or the future of additive manufacturing in industrial series production. This comprehensive video presents the two demonstrator systems at BMW and GKN Additive.

VOLKMANN @ Additive Manufacturing

The video presents VOLKMANN's wide range of systems and solutions for safe and reliable powder handling, build job depowdering and reprocessing of used metal powders.

3D-Druck / Additive Manufacturing

PowTReX: Conveying and sieving of metal powder

Advanced Powder Handling in the Additive Manufacturing industries - Safe Vacuum Conveying and more around 3D-Printing

POWTECH virtual talks Volume 8.0 | Topic 3 (16. June 2021):
Referent: Thomas Ramme - Volkmann GmbH
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